Do you want to know how to tackle Graphic Design in your business yourself?

You’re in the right place! With over 10-years of experience as a Graphic Designer, I am here to teach you everything from how to design your own brand identity to creating templates that will make your life easier. The bonus comes in the form of all the ‘secrets’ and things that come naturally to me and that will help you make everything look professional. I believe that you are capable of creating amazing things no matter what your budget is. 


You don’t know where to start? 

How to pick your perfect colour palette?

Different ways to choose your perfect brand colours, perfect colour picking formula. BONUS: 10 colour palette ideas based on colour meaning

1:1 services

Create cohesive branding aesthetics with 1:1 services. Book a 90-mins brand design consult (Brand identity audit across all online channels).


Learn to design your brand identity including logo, colours, fonts, and style of images; OR create social media templates in Canva. Each course only takes 5 days (1 hour a day).

Looking for something else? Let’s talk.

about me

Hey Girl!

I’m Veronika

A Graphic Designer, an Adventurer, and an Entrepreneur. In other words, a girl who loves dreaming about making an impact and helping entrepreneurs to tackle the design side of their business themselves.


I believe that you are capable of creating amazing things! After years of trying to find the perfect job, and selling my services I finally figured out where my two passions meet – Graphic Design and helping people make a living out of doing what they love. Teaching my skills is the answer. Let’s make your dreams happen.

My Story


Veronika has the most genuine vibe. She sincerely wants to help you be successful in setting up a system from the early stages so you don’t have to spend more precious time branding your content.

Natalee Jean

Veronika is very knowledgeable on Branding and style. I loved learning step by step alongside her. It was so nice to watch you click through and have Canva open for me as well and go through it. Veronika was always super supportive and helpful giving detailed feedback to help up my brand game. Let’s be honest, I had no brand game before!! It was a really great experience!

Ming Shelby