Are you an existing or starting small business and would like to have an amazing brand identity and website that attracts your desired customers?

You’re in the right place! With over 10 years of experience in different fields of Graphic Design, I am here to help you. My experience is in both the digital and offline worlds. I have worked on branding, websites, photography, advertising, social media, print, moving image, and online course creation projects so I can either advise you in a form of consultation or simply do it for you.

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I’m Veronika

Designer/creator, adventurer, and entrepreneur. In other words, I love dreaming, taking action, and living fully. My creativity is my strength and fuel to push the limits.

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What do I offer?
design consultation

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New logo design or overhaul

Option 1

Essential logo design

Starting at £1200


  • creation of a logo (primary and secondary logo)
  • selection of brand colours
  • selection of brand fonts
  • providing colour and black&white versions + favicon (both on-screen and print versions)


Option 2

Branding Package


Essential logo design + brand manual, selection of promotional materials or other desired designed items. Contact me for a quote.

If you’d like to give it a go yourself and want to save some pennies, I also have ‘Design Your Brand Identity’ and ‘Social Media Template’ courses. Those courses will walk you through the process of how to design it yourself in a free online tool called Canva.

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I create websites in WordPress. This platform will allow you to have a professional website and maintain it yourself. Whether you want a new design from scratch or a redesign, I will help you with:


  • suggestions for hosting and help with signing up for WordPress
  • website design
  • advice on copy editing for a better user experience
  • help with organising content
  • I will provide a video on how to maintain the website after it’s finished
  • photo editing if needed
  • suggestions on how to make the website run better (SEO, updating, etc.)
  • setting up a blog if needed
  • technical issues outsourced during the designing period
  • back to back communication
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Veronika has the most genuine vibe. She sincerely wants to help you be successful in setting up a system from the early stages so you don’t have to spend more precious time branding your content.

Natalee Jean

Veronika is very knowledgeable on Branding and style. I loved learning step by step alongside her. It was so nice to watch you click through and have Canva open for me as well and go through it. Veronika was always super supportive and helpful giving detailed feedback to help up my brand game. Let’s be honest, I had no brand game before!! It was a really great experience!

Ming Shelby

DIY Branding Courses