I Follow The Road Less Travelled.



I Follow The Road Less Travelled. Am I weird?


This is a rhetorical question friends, and I am going to make it easier for you. The answer is NO.


Even though we grew up in an environment where we have been taught to do things and think in a certain way, it does not mean we still have to follow what we know. There are spoken and unspoken rules for everything we do, the way we act, and how other people perceive it. This mistaken idea, that our life will not be good enough if we do not follow all the steps we are expected to, is shaping our lives without us even realising.


But what if, I only want to adopt some of those things I have been taught and shape the rest to create the life I believe is the best for me? The life that will truly make me happy and fulfilled? Not because someone thinks so but because I think so. Doesn’t that sound freeing?


How often do we let someone else to dictate what our day looks like? You should get up, exercise, you have to dress nicely, get a coffee, read newspapers on the way to work so you know what is happening in the world. You need to have a small talk with people at work. You need to go for a drink after work and know everything about the latest TV shows, films and sports scores, otherwise you have nothing to add to the conversation. You have to wear heels to look important, your beard needs to be perfectly shaved to be cool, you have to love the latest food trend to feel included… I can carry on forever. Most of those things are unspoken rules that we follow, especially when we happen to live in a big city.


We do it because we are trying to fit in.


We are influenced by everything around us every day, even more now in a digital and social media world and that makes it so easy to fall into this habit of compromising your identity to feel included.


I encourage you to take a minute; sit or lie down, whatever is more comfortable for you. Forget everything that you know completely for a moment, things you have been taught so far. Now think about all the things that you enjoy to do, the moments when you feel the most alive, the things that do not feel like a chore!


And start making habits out of them.


One by one. Plan a time for it every day. Take it slow but keep doing it. Not much time will go past and you will start seeing differences. Seeing a progress will give you more energy and motivation to keep going and then you can start adding more habits.


Those are a few things I’ve turned into habits and doing so has changed my life (This is only to give you an example of what I have decided to do, not a manual for your life. The key is to find what works for you, not for others!)


  • I barely put makeup on anymore. It might mean that I don’t look my best, polished self on camera, but it also means I spend less time stressing and overthinking my appearance. And, as an added bonus, my skin is so much better!


  • I do not have a TV – I used to spend endless hours catching up on TV or anything that was on. Does TV have an influence on your mood? In my case, it had a big impact on my mood. I used to put it on in the background so I do not feel lonely at home. You can find all sort of excuses to watch it if you really want.


  • I stopped reading the news – I am not trying to ignore what happens with the world and I catch the major things from people around me or social media. I decided that I did not want it to affect my days negatively because of things I have no control over.


  • I regularly recall the things that make me happy. This way, I can refocus, instead of dwelling on my workload or negativity.


  • When I hit the wall with my work, a project or anything I wanted to do – I stop forcing myself to do it. From my experience, if I keep forcing myself to something, it does the opposite and I become frustrated. If I leave it and give myself space to think about it until I am ready, the ideas come naturally when I do not expect it.


  • I try to exchange at least one message with someone every day. A new person, my family, my friends, whoever comes to my mind randomly. It gives me that connection I need every day as working from home can get lonely. Am I right, all the self-employed people?


  • I go outside every day. Sometimes it is just to take the bin out, walking to the shop or I go for a cycle or a run. – It gives me fresh air and recharges me for whatever comes next.


  • I start the day with a time for myself.


  • I practice gratitude. I write 5 things I am grateful for. I do it in the mornings but some people do it in the evenings.


  • I go for a cycle when I can – I started cycling to work when I lived in London and I made it into a habit because it gave me the exercise I needed every day and cleared my mind.


What are the things that truly make you happy? What are the things that make you come alive during everyday life? How can you change your every day routine to squeeze them in?


Do not be afraid to take things out of your day if you know that it is not serving you any good. That is the only way to live your life to be fulfilled. You will not find happiness in money or anything material, but you will, for sure, find it if you do things you enjoy, truly enjoy.


Leave a comment, contact me on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to hear about what you enjoy and what you feel like brings negative feelings and emotions into your life.


With Love