The habit of



Let’s be honest, we all like familiarity. We like to be comfortable because it makes us feel safe. Yay to when we finally get used to the route to work, watching your favourite series all over again, or the taste of coffee you are craving all day. All of those are a part of our routine, but what happens when we repeat the same routine for an extended amount of time? When we let ourselves get stuck in the same routine for too long, we get bored, we get lazy and cannot be bothered to do something new or eventually, anything. By practicing the habit of jumping into the unknown regularly, we can avoid it. 


Do you remember that feeling? The feeling of coziness, the comfort of knowing exactly what is coming next and what to look forward to? I have recently found myself excited for the evening. The moment when I can eat dinner while watching one of my favourite series ‘Lie to me’. It has been a few weeks and I noticed that my motivation in general is very low and I just cannot get myself to do anything, let alone the things I normally enjoy. Then I realised that I used to spend my evenings working towards my dreams, interacting with my boyfriend and now all I do is watch one or two episodes of ‘Lie to me’ and I feel tired and ready to go to bed.  


This is exactly the moment when it is time to do something different. Go back to what you were doing before you got into your bad habit, like me watching ‘Lie to me’, and do something different. Of course it is going to be challenging at first. The thoughts of just wanting to go back into the old habit will creep in every time you feel tired or you face some obstacle.




Daunting thoughts of not being good at new things, perhaps failing what we thought we would be able to do. Judgement of others and opening yourself to the possibilities of unpleasant comments can sometimes paralyse at next step.


What we need to remember is that this is the same for all of us. If someone is being judgmental and throws the nastiest comments at you, it is probably because they are insecure about themselves. They have not found the courage to jump into something head first and you are all over it. The fact that instead of focusing on working on themselves they use the energy to spit all the regret on you. What you need to do is to ignore it, or even better, let it fuel your bravery and use their attitude as a great example of how not to be.




Think of babies. Think of the sense of satisfaction and courage when they figure out how to stand up for the first time. Or when they see their older brother or sister riding their bike and they want to try it to. They keep trying and trying until they master it. They do not see it as a chance to get jealous and push others off the bike, they use it to keep trying it themselves until they can do it too.


We only live once and there is so much we can do with our lives. Why would we want to spend our time on this planet just doing a limited amount of things. Every moment there is something new to be discovered. The way we do things is developing faster than we are actually able to keep up with. Things that we thought were not possible ten years ago are part of our everyday life today. Enjoy the opportunities to give a go at as many things as possible. Even if you did not like it, it teaches you so many things about yourself that you can use in other areas of your life.




When we train for a marathon, we all start with building up our strength and distance from nothing. This method can apply to anything, even building our habits to trying new things. Why do you not start with trying a new coffee shop, taking a new route to work, listening to a new podcast every day, or cooking a new recipe? Do you see where I am coming from? Find the chance to practice this in your everyday activities. The feeling of doing something you are not used to will get more and more familiar and you will get more comfortable to take the next step. Eventually, you might make bold decisions like moving to a different country or changing your career and it will not even feel scary.


With trying something new there are always going to be negative feelings and anxiety but my aim with this post is to show you that this can be practiced just like anything else. By immersing yourself to integrate little changes in to your daily life, it will prepare you for the big ones. You will learn how to embrace things you have never done before to explore new possibilities to become the best version of yourself.


Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable and let’s see where the possibilities take you.


Have you tried something new recently, and what was it? Small or big, let’s encourage each other to give it a shot too.


With Love