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I was excited. My expectations were high and maybe I was even relying on this event to change my life. I have been struggling with building my business and I was desperate to get some kind of breakthrough that would help me to progress my business and my personal life. ‘Unleash the Power Within’ is Tony Robbins’ 4 day personal development conference. It has been taking place several times a year in different places around the world for more than 40 years. I decided to attend UPW in London a couple of weeks ago.


As it was getting closer to the event, I was feeling nervous. I have never been to any personal development events. And to start with, jumping up and down and dancing in a crowd of 12,000 people brought out my biggest fears and felt beyond uncomfortable.




The conference took place in ExCel, an exhibition and international convention centre in London. Everyone arrived early to get good seats. There was many volunteers to build up the atmosphere and high five everyone entering. The selfishness of people trying to get in first made the atmosphere feel more like trying to get into a big sporting match. That behaviour made me feel even more uncomfortable.


Every day and each part of the day started with a dancing/jumping/clapping ritual. A few members of the crew stood on the stage and around the event space and danced to get everyone going. At first, it seemed a little too much but as the event went on, I got used to this ritual and started to like it. It certainly worked to wake me up and improve my mood.


All personal growth events are a total immersion into how much tools, small habits and clear focus can make a big change in your life. Everything is done in a more extreme way than you would do at home to show you the benefits of it. It is designed to give you the momentum you need to get things rolling in the direction you want.




When Tony Robbins gets on the stage, the atmosphere in the room would easily overpower any music concert or sports match you can think of. His energy is so powerful and spreads around the room faster than you can imagine. Tony is a machine. He stands on the stage and talks for more than 10 hours without breaks and he knows how to keep you focused too.




On the first day, Tony introduces the basic human psychology and how our minds work. He breaks down fundamental questions like:


What stops us from moving forward? Taking action? Being our best?

What controls and determines the quality of our lives?

Why do we do what we do? What are the ultimate drives behind all human action?


Ultimately, anything that stops us comes from some sort of FEAR that we are not enough or that we won’t be loved.


There are 6 human needs that affect the fundamental drives within each one of us: CERTAINTY/UNCERTAINTY, VARIETY, SIGNIFICANCE, CONNECTION/LOVE, GROWTH and CONTRIBUTION.


By doing simple exercises to identify our top two needs, we can find out what we need to do to change it.


The first day finishes with a Firewalk. The afternoon is dedicated to prepare for it. Getting into the right state of mind is the most important part. Otherwise you burn.  




The second day is about ‘The Power of Momentum & Creating an Abundance Mindset’. Joseph McClendon leads the day and goes into Neuro Linguistic programming. How do we condition ourselves to create a lasting change.


The Ultimate success formula is:

  1. Know your outcome.
  2. Know your why.
  3. Take a massive action.
  4. Know what you’re getting.
  5. Change your approach.


Following those steps gets you anywhere you want. Yet, many people fail. Sometimes because they do not have a strong ‘why’. They talk about it but do not take any action. Or they give up instead of finding a different approach. If you have a clear focus on where you are heading and act upon it, there are no limits.




‘Eliminate Inner Conflicts, Unlock Your True Potential, & Unleash the Power Within’ is a breakthrough day to compare the perfect life you are dreaming about with how your life is now, and where it is going to take you if you keep going the same way. Acknowledging where you are now and defining the steps to get where you want to be is also vital.


The main part of the day was ‘The Dickens Process’. Each of us identified our three limiting beliefs and went through the process of pain if we do not let those go. Then we switched into the dream life and focused on the energy.




The last day was all about health. There were Keynote speeches from different people to keep our energy up at all times. It was both about physical and mental health. In the afternoon we did some meditation with Dr Master Co and I was mesmerised with how much love there was in the room. The difference in hugs and interaction with others after that filled me with so much happiness and love. I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day.




The actual conference was only 4 days but Success Resources, the company who organises the event, added an extra day. There was only about 400 people there and the focus was on keeping up energy, business and wealth. The Keynote speeches perfectly finished off the whole experience.


I had big expectations of this event. I had heard so much about it, I paid a lot of money for it and I was feeling stuck with my own business. I did not get any big breakthrough but there was plenty of realisations and mainly it built up the energy to keep going and keep working towards my dreams. Lots of the things that were mentioned during the course of the event, I have heard before, but it was so worth getting such an immersive experience. I feel more confident in myself and in the fact that I can figure it out because I want to help people.


Have you been to any personal development events? What is your favourite resource?


Let’s inspire each other.

If you have any questions about this event, comment below or send me a PM on my social media @makeityouradventure


With Love