A Reflection Post


april, the eventful month


How has your April been? Spring is in full swing. Have you had time to reflect on what you have accomplished, or to think about what will need more attention in May? April has certainly been an eventful month for me. I started with cycling across the UK, jumped and danced my socks off at the UPW Tony Robbins’ personal development event in London, spent time with a family and learned an awful lot, mainly about myself. I got to another level of uncomfortable and I pushed through. I pushed mentally and physically more than ever before.


I am trying to stick to this monthly reflection on what I have accomplished as well as what has not gone so well and most importantly, how I can learn from it. We often get onto the next thing straight away and do not bother to look back. Do you ever stop to reflect on your month or week? Even when I do a mini reflection at the end of every week, I am surprised by all the things I have gotten done. If I had not stopped, I would not even acknowledge my effort and would not learn from it. We are busy and it is easy to forget.




At the beginning of April, I set off onto the biggest challenge so far. I left home in Aviemore, Scotland and due to a last minute change of plan, got to my final cycling destination, Norwich. I had a rest and took a train to London. The initial trigger to take on this journey was to get to a conference in London I booked months before. But, wanting to do something big was way deeper than that. I want to pursue the career of ‘an Adventurer’ to inspire people to push themselves and spend more time outside. Turning an unfortunate situation of not having money for transport to London into an adventure seemed like the perfect thing to do. I have never been on a big solo adventure, I am a casual cyclist, and I only have a second hand hybrid bike. Yet, none of that stopped me from giving it a try.


Pushing the capabilities we think we have in our mind is so essential for us. Sitting within our comfortable boundaries is only going to set us up for regrets at the end of our lives. We need to take responsibility and ownership of our happiness and fulfilment and the only way is to grow.


I have documented the preparation for the cycle here, if you would like to know more.




Have you ever been to a personal development event? This was my first one and I decided to go all in. Tony Robbins is one of the top leaders in this field and I was sure I would not regret going. I was struggling with my business and other areas of my life for a few months. I set high expectations and felt really nervous and uncomfortable right before the event. There were 12,000 people in one room and one guy who can get the attention of every single person for hours. The energy in the room was more powerful than any concert or sports event I have ever experienced.


At these events it is about total immersion. Everything including getting into a peak state and going into your limiting beliefs are pushed to an extreme to show you the effect it can have on your life. Tony breaks down human psychology and through simple exercises, you do exercises to identify how you work, what it is that you want from your life and teaches you tools for how to achieve those aspirations. How many times have you tried to change something in your life, gave it a shot for a bit and then fell back into old habits? Personal development is about lasting change. It teaches you tools and how to create habits that will help you to maintain it.


Since the event, I am full of energy. It is not that I would not get tired or get sad but I know and practice how to get out of it quickly. Maintaining my peak state to be able to achieve my goals and progress with my business is my main focus.


If you want to learn more about the event, you can read a post about my experience and the structure here. Or you can find the official website for the event here.


In April, I have had time to spend with family and friends. It was a lovely treat as we now live far from my boyfriend’s family and twice as far from my family in the Czech Republic than we used to. I have also applied for a part time job to help me pay my bills but to my disappointment I did not get it. I did get a little upset about this but it means that I have more time to pursue my dreams.


I would love to hear about your small or big accomplishments from April. Comment below.


With Love