May Reflection


the month when it all changed


Have you ever looked only a few weeks back but felt like you had turned into a completely different person? May is the month that changed everything for me. I guess, this could go both ways; in a good way or not in a good way. Reflecting every month can feel like a chore at times but honestly, every time I go through my calendar and write down the things I have accomplished, not accomplished and things I need to change, I cannot believe how much has happened in only a month. Give it a try, it will blow your mind.





In April, I was at a personal development conference. The experience of the event has really showed me how much staying in my peak state can affect my everyday life. How happy and productive I can be. It also outlined where I can be in 30, 40, 50 years from now if I decide to take the responsibility for my own life and keep myself in a peak state no matter what. That was the first kick for me.


Once I implemented this into my everyday life, it blew my mind. It was the first time in my life I started to fully take control of my own happiness. It is a process. To get to where I want it to be means getting rid of lifelong bad habits, and ditching excuses and things that are holding me back. But, you can start seeing the difference in days.


I am going to give you specific examples so you can perhaps put that into force in your life.


I plan my day the day before and make sure there are only items in my calendar I am excited about. This can seem easier said than done. Here’s what I mean by that. No matter what you do during the day, like going to the gym, cooking dinner, going to work, cleaning the house, there is a reason those things are on your list. You go to the gym because you want to feel good. You go to work to earn money to pay your bills. You clean your house so you can feel relaxed when you are at home.


All the things are on your calendar for a reason. If you do not like the individual tasks, it is your responsibility to change them and do something else that will get you the same result. You can either automate, delegate or eliminate them.


How often do we blame things on other people for why something did not go the way we wanted? How often do we find excuses that we have to do something? You are the one in control! If there is something in your life you do not like doing, you can either change it right now. Or, you can suck it up, start working on changing it and decide that you will enjoy doing it because it will be over soon.


Your approach is everything. Be grateful that you can go to work to pay the bills. Be grateful that you took action and went for a run, because most people know what they need to do, but don’t do it anyway.


The next example is keeping your energy up during the day. I get up really early so naturally I get tired in mid afternoon. When I look back, I can see how much time I wasted because I just made it an excuse: “You know, I just get tired in the afternoon”. Now when I’m starting to see my energy dropping, I turn the music on and jump up and down for a little bit. It helps! Trust me. It feels weird at first but once you get into the habit, you will see the difference.


Another big thing is our physiology. How many times have you frowned when you were concentrating, for example, and then you found yourself being in a bad mood suddenly? The way I deal with it, is that I try to catch it at the beginning. When I find myself getting tired, feel unmotivated, I smile to snap out of it and consciously put myself back into the happy state. Training never stops.


The last one is creating a morning routine that will get you out of bed. Plan some time for yourself and something that will set you up for the day you want. Don’t let social media and news decide what your day will look like and how you are going to feel. You are in control of your actions so make sure your morning routine prepares you for everything that is coming your way that day.




The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) online course has come my way at the right time. I was playing with the idea of wanting to share my experiences, what I learned and impact people to live better lives.


Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi created KBB to teach people how to create their own course, workshop or mastermind. This course is the one thing, I believe will change self-education.


It was a big investment for me, but I knew that this would be the right course to put my ideas into action. I get so many ideas but most of the time, I do not follow through because it gets hard, I get stuck, I doubt myself if I am good enough to even try. Do you resonate with that? I bet most of you do. This time I decided to give it an end and finish something so I can impact people.


Are you thinking that you wouldn’t have anything to teach others? That you are not good enough in anything? I know exactly how you feel, I was there, not that long ago. And it still creeps in sometimes. What I learned from this course, before I bought it, was that YOU ONLY NEED TO BE ONE STEP AHEAD OF SOMEONE ELSE TO HELP THEM. This means that there is always going to be an audience for what you can teach.


This course helps people to extract their passion and what they could teach, fill the course and run it as well. I have only just finished Module 1 but learned so much already.


My plan is to create a mastermind that will help people create a career out of their passion. I will be focusing on small businesses that are only just starting or have recently started and need to narrow down their niche. I will be teaching simple tools to find a purpose and level up.


I am so excited for this. I have been taught that there is a set path we should follow in our life. When I landed my ‘dream job’ I realised that it is not the right thing for me. Since then, I am on a journey to life that is fulfilling and do things that make me happy. I wish to impact as many people as possible to do the same.


If you want to find out more about this course, you can watch this video from Jenna Kutcher. She is walking through the course and showing how it works.


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The last big thing that happened in May was my first experience with gliding. Flying in an aeroplane that has no engine over the Cairngorms in Scotland was truly awesome.


If you like flying, roller coasters, or even just going down hill in a car, you will love gliding! I was over the moon happy every second of this experience. For those who don’t know what gliding is, (I had no idea something like this existed before I was given it as a present) it is basically a plane that has no engine. It gets towed up to the air by another small plane and then the rope gets released.


I even got a chance to take control of the plane for a little while in the air to feel how it works. The flight was about 30-45 mins and I was very lucky for a sunny warm day. It took me 6 months to book this flight as it was weather dependant but it was worth the wait for sure.


The cost was, I think, about £75 in the local Cairngorms Gliding Club which is less than I expected so perhaps a great present for someone.


What was the main events that happened in your life in May? Share it with me in the comments below or send me a DM on Instagram @makeityouradventure.


With Love