Halfway, six months reflection


We are halfway through the year. This is a great opportunity for a six months reflection of what we’ve set to achieve in 2019. Are you on track? Has your focus changed? Seeing an overview of the biggest things helps to see how much we got done, what impact those things had on our lives and what we need to do to achieve our goals by the end of the year. 


This is what happened in my life in the last six months in a nutshell:




Christmas time off and the weather and shorter days in the winter daunted on me and I really struggled at the beginning of the year. I spent a lot of time procrastinating, watching series on Netflix and my motivation really struggled.  I got lost in how to get clients and direction with my business. The highlight of the month was the Team52 cold dip event in London that I helped organise and got a chance to attend. 

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My struggle with motivation carried on but things did start to turn the other way. Deciding to cycle from Scotland to London in April helped me to refocus my drive. I was slowly getting my motivation back but stressed over finances. I started a part-time job for a few hours a week to take the money pressure off the table a little. My time management was poor. On the other hand, in February, I had amazing opportunities to try winter and other outdoor activities like winter walking and climbing, for the first time.

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Training and planning for my big cycle was in the full spin. I only had 5 weeks and I was figuring out everything from when and how to train to what I needed to eat. Many times, I had to prioritise training over my work and not having time to look for clients made me stressed. My evening routine had slipped and it reflected in my sleep. However, on the flip side, the winter conditions returned and I was able to try Ice climbing for the first time. 

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This was a very eventful month. I started with cycling 366 miles in 5 days where I tested my body, my mind, and my resourcefulness when I ran into unexpected situations. I attended my first ever personal development event, Tony Robbins’ ‘Unleash the Power Within’ in London. I also got to spend some time with family. In April, something had twisted and I changed my approach to everything. I was focusing more on personal development due to the conference experience that showed me how to take responsibility for my own happiness and keep in a peak state.

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After a transformative April, May was the time when I took massive action. In my personal life, my boyfriend and I applied for an Australian Working Holiday visa. I invested in myself in the most financial critical time for me by purchasing a Knowledge Business Blueprint course to learn how to create my own Mastermind/Workshop/Event/Course. This helped me to start believing in myself and in my own story, and with preparing my own mastermind. I started writing a book as well. My fun accomplishment was my gliding experience above the Cairngorms in Scotland. It was a magical time. 

You can read the full reflection post here.



I have started focusing more on personal development which led me to revamp my website and business focus. I am preparing my own mastermind to help small businesses level up. I invested in more courses that will help me learn the skills I need for my business. June has also included holidays to spend time with family. 


A lot of exciting things are on my mind for the next few months. I will need a lot of courage, but I am so happy with where I am now and cannot wait to see where it’s going to take me. 


I hope that my 6 months overview has helped you to see how much value you can get by simply listing what has happened in the first months of the year. Progress means happiness. If you’re not moving anywhere and learning new things, your life will go deeper and deeper into the hole and it will be harder to get back up. Don’t waste your life just because something is hard.  






Here are a few useful tips that will help you to refocus instead of falling into a depression and give up:

(You can listen to a full podcast episode on here.)


  • Goals for the year divided into 3 sections – What am I going to create? (create new things) What am I going to market/sell? (get revenue) What am I going to do personally? (personal goals)
  • Auditing your calendar – go through your calendar from last year and identify things that you want and don’t want to spend time on and reflect it in this year’s one.
  • Reassessing your goals – if you set yourself goals that are clearly not achievable by the end of the year, don’t panic and just reassess what is doable and work towards that. 
  • Identify which areas need to be doubled on in terms of energy put in. What is doable by the end of the year but you just need to double on the effort you put in?
  • Realign with the vision of who it is you want to become. Remind yourself of the reasons to keep you going. 


What is the one thing you are proudest of so far this year? And what is the biggest thing you want to achieve in the next six months? I’d love to hear about your best achievements and goals. Comment below.


With Love