Follow Your Dreams


Imperfectly leading by example


Time to spill it all out. Let’s stop trying to be perfect and inspire others by our actions! Share your journey along the way, not when you get to the finish line. Be honest and authentic. Let go of excuses and show what you’re made of.


Here I am again reflecting on my mission and purpose in life. Again. Before 2018, I didn’t even think I have anything like a purpose in life. Yeah, things change. The experience of burnout recently really helped me to take a huge step back. It forced me to do nothing. Literally nothing. I reached my brain capacity for the intake of any kind of information and all I was able to do was to stare at the wall. Even birds on the bird feeder seemed to stress me out and I find watching them very relaxing. Lol. It really helped me to clear my head. Thanks to that, I was able to filter out all the crap that is not getting me anywhere and figure out the things I want to focus on in the next season. 


In the last year, I have done enormous progress in preventing meltdowns and taking care of my mental and physical health. But it’s such a long journey to get to know every situation you might be in. You might never do because new ones will arise. Life goes on and things don’t get easier. New different problems will appear. And that is why we need to learn to enjoy the journey. It’s the only way to live a fulfilling life. Chasing something and focusing on the result will make you miserable rather than happy. You get to choose!


I’m here to imperfectly lead you.


Yes, I have only discovered personal development less than two years ago. I have only been working for myself for a year, but I believe that I have a lot to offer you and that I can help you! 




  • I believe everything is possible!
  • I’m committed to helping everyone I can, to live their dream lives. Whatever that means.
  • I deeply care about other people’s happiness.
  • I’m honest and willing to share the reality of things, not just success.
  • I’m ok with changing approach million times. If that is what it takes.
  • I’m more relatable because I have been going through the same things but might be one step ahead in certain areas. Rich and successful people might feel intimidating when you’re starting, right?
  • I’m not willing to settle for the traditional way or mediocre. So shouldn’t you.
  • I am done with other people’s opinions controlling my life. And you need to let go too.
  • My aim is not to pretend that I have it all figured out but show you that ‘Everything is Figureoutable(stole the statement from Marie Forleo, thanks girl)


All of this is what lights me up. I want to help you to go and chase whatever is on your heart. I’m not willing to wait until I can prove it by being rich and successful. I already feel successful. Success means something else to each of us. I’ve been able to finally let go of so many things that have been stopping me from even getting on the journey of figuring out who I want to be. And I’m ready to keep going and trying new things until I find it. Every little win matters and I love watching the progress. So what are you waiting for?


The main drive for what I do and sharing the journey with you is to show you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! To live your dream life, you don’t need to be an expert, gifted or lucky. You just need to start! You’ll learn along the way. You will become an expert in whatever field you desire to be in. All it needs is taking the first step and be willing to work hard for it. If you expect everything to fall to you from the sky, you might need to take a different approach because there is a 99% likeliness that you will never get there. 


I am in the process of writing a book to have something tangible that will inspire and encourage you through my story. I want you to see the progress and steps I did in my life and where every bold or little decision took me. I’m hoping that it will motivate you to do the first step or decide to take control of your life back in your hands. Watch out for that. I cannot wait to get it in your hands.


If you’re not happy with your life, don’t try to change other people. Start with yourself! I’m here for you.


With Love