My twenty-eighth birthday



What does your age mean and what should you be doing? Next week, I’m turning 28 years old and I want to pause and talk about this topic of age. Twenty-eight years old is not a milestone or anything but it seems like we all get so pressured about what stage of life we should be at when we get to a certain age. Big 30 is coming for me. 




When talking about the age of 30, if you have already been there or getting closer, you know what that comes with. When are you getting married? Are you planning any kids, your biological clock is ticking? The pressure of where your life ‘should’ be is probably the strongest for this age. Or maybe it’s just because I am a woman and getting closer. 


We need to stop doing this. For me, age doesn’t matter. I have friends in their twenties or thirties who have kids, a house, a paid off student loan. I also have friends who are in their thirties and still trying to figure out their life purpose or are travelling the world. When it comes to older generations, I know people who act like their life is over when they get to 60 and up. And, I have met people who are the same age and thriving more than ever in both career and life. The age doesn’t matter!


We all have a different starting line. The environment where we grow up has a huge impact on us, of course. We might inherit some illnesses and diseases. However, life is what you make it! Where you get in life is entirely up to you. The science proves that even terminal diseases can be healed. I’m definitely not trying to insult anyone or say people are hypochondriacs. I just want you to realise that the only limitation is you and your mindset. Everything is possible. Have you heard of Dr Joe Dispenza?




It doesn’t matter how old you are but how you feel. And good news for you, you can DECIDE how you want to feel! Changing your mindset from taking your past and family history as an excuse to give up taking control and responsibility is the first step. I know this post is a little kick in the butt. We all need it sometimes. #sorrynotsorry it’s because I love you and I want the best for you!


I know that social media makes it so much easier to see others who are the same age as us and a lot ‘further’ in their lives and this can make us feel like sh**. Instead of focusing on comparing yourself to them, try to let that inspire you to see what’s possible. Get ideas from them, learn how they got where they are and create your dream life! You need to figure out what you love to do, what fulfils you and then you’ll be happy along the way, no matter where you are in your journey. 




I have to say that I love going through my twenties. It’s a great age to be exploring and creating the life you want. Even when I sometimes fall into the negative thoughts of not being where I’d like to be at this point, I am very grateful that these are the best years. 


I have only just started my business and I am aware that it will take a few years to get to where I want to be. The biggest learning from my first year (you can read the whole post about my first year of self-employment here) is to enjoy the journey. It is hard but so exciting to be creating life on my own terms. 


I hope that whatever stage of life you are and however old you are, you are mindful of the journey. Every moment you have will add up to bigger things. Listen to yourself and follow your dreams, no matter where and when you are starting. This life is only yours so do whatever you want with it!


With Love