Reflection on a life in Scotland


What is it like to live in Scotland?


Have ya been to Scotland my friend? If your answer is NO, you need to come! I am serious about this. Honestly, your mind will be blown away. If I was to sum up life in Scotland, there’s nowhere in the world like Scotland. Does it rain? Yes (although not as much on the East of Scotland as in the West). You have not seen a greener green though. Imagine you turning the saturation on your photo up. You do not have to do that with photos from Scotland. You’re welcome for cutting your photoshop time down.


It’s been just over a year since I moved to Scotland and I’m about to go to Australia for a year before returning and settling here in Scotland. I thought I’d tell you a little about what it is like to live in Scotland and how to choose a place to live. 




This is a simple answer. Keep looking until you find it. I’ve always been a huge advocate for travelling. Not only to have an adventure but also to experience different cultures, places and how people live around the world. I knew that I wanted to experience that to be sure that I’m making the right choice. 


When travelling around the world, I’ve seen so many different places. I loved all of them. But, when I came to Scotland, it felt different. Randomly accepting the opportunity to move to a place where I’ve never been to before was the best choice. Why wouldn’t I? Guys, however final your decision seems at the time, you can always change your mind and do something else or go somewhere else. 


Since day 1, everything seems to have clicked into place. After experiencing life in different countries and places, this feels right. Finally, this isn’t a place where it’s home because I grew up here, or because mine or Charlie’s family is here. This is a place where I feel at home because it has everything I need for and from life. 


NATURE. Living in the countryside or close to mountains is where my heart is. With my work being mainly online (or at least that’s what I’m building), being able to go outside easily is a winner. Outdoors is what helps me to recharge. Balancing work and time for myself, whether it’s movement or a calm place to think, is so easy here. 


COMMUNITY. For me, rushing through my life and living in a big city didn’t work. I was ready for a community of people that are there for each other. This definitely takes time to build but it’s so worth it.




Of course, wherever you decide to settle, there is going to be a downside to it. You will have to look at your values and weigh the positives and negatives. 


My biggest concerns was FAMILY. My family lives in Czech Republic which is twice the distance it was from London. Charlie’s family is now across the whole country. It means that seeing both families is now a lot more effort, time and money. That’s why I’m working even harder to create a career that will allow me to travel more and work from anywhere so I can potentially see our families more often.


WEATHER. I was warned and worried about the weather in Scotland. Everybody says it rains all the time. We live on the East side of Scotland which has got less rainfall than the West. It does rain but I wouldn’t say it rains all the time. The weather is changing all the time and summers are not as hot but having snow in winter and be able to spend lots of time outdoors in summer outweighs everything. The only thing I don’t enjoy is short daylight in winter. At the peak, you probably only get about 6 hours of daylight. It can get very depressing and demotivating at times. On the other hand, Ski touring with a head torch is awesome! And in summer you get a lot longer daylight. Which means that I don’t get to see sunset for like 5 months because my bedtime is 9 o’clock. Lol.


Charlie and I are now going to Australia to save up for a house deposit to speed things up. We are hoping to get some old house or a barn somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I cannot wait to see where this will take us. 


If you’re thinking about where you’d like to live, think of the best case scenario where you’d be at your happiest. Where would you like to come back from holidays? Where would you like to raise your kids? What kind of life would be the most fulfilling? Let yourself dream. Don’t hold back with this dream. The possibilities are endless, it’s just creating your values and making choices that will get you there. 


Where is your dream place to live? Tell me why? 


With Love