October Reflection Post


When routine goes out the window


We have two months to go until the end of the year. Wow, October has probably been the quickest month for me this year. Yes, I know that in reality, they can’t be quicker. It’s just been so busy that it seems like it.




On the 10th of October, we moved out of our flat in Scotland. It was crazy busy with packing, cleaning the flat and still trying to make the most of Scotland while we were there. We moved all our stuff to Charlie’s family in England to store it while we’re away in Australia.


Before we head out to Australia, we planned a couple of weeks in Norfolk, England to celebrate grandma’s 90th birthday and see Charlie’s family and friends. It’s been full of organising and meeting. And eating. Lol.


Then we flew to the Czech Republic where we’ve been doing the same, seeing friends and family. We’ve just spent 4 days with about 65 kids on a Scout trip exploring the north of Czech Republic. It’s been so much fun but also pretty intense. 




Being a self-employed sometimes comes with the fact that nothing ever stops. I have tried to get ahead with content creation but it’s been very difficult to work whilst I’m doing everything else. 


My routine is completely thrown off by staying up late meeting friends or doing other things. It means that there is no way I can keep waking up at 5 am every morning like I normally do. Sometimes it comes with a lot of guilt that I am not fully focusing on neither work nor family. 


This is the perfect time to practice grace. I always come back to my priorities and this time, it’s to spend quality time with my family and friends! I haven’t seen them for months and will not see them for a year so if I’m to choose, it’s them for sure. My audience will survive if there is no social media post, email or blog post coming out for a few days. 


I wonder, if you’re self-employed, how do you juggle holidays? Do you find it easy to switch off or are you still trying to find a balance like me?




Times like those are a perfect chance for you to feel like you have failed. Nothing goes according to plan and you end up being torn in between everything but not doing anything properly. 


I want to tell you. You are awesome! It needs time, you’ll learn what works best for you whether it’s preparing yourself before you go away, finding a balance of work & life when you’re away, or maybe just stopping your work completely for a while. Give yourself some grace and learn from your experiences. We are all only humans and beating yourself up for it will not help you or anyone else. 


I hope you found something helpful in this post. I am learning juggling everything myself and wanted to share with you that it’s ok, not to have it all worked out straight away. It will come with time. 


With Love