What is it like


growing up in scouts


This post topic might feel a little random. I want to write about this personal topic because growing up in Scouts has had a massive impact on who I am. 


This post is coming from my heart. If you’ve been in Scouts, you might relate to my experience. And, if you have never been a part of the Scouts community, I hope you’ll get an idea of what it’s like and how much it can give you or your children when growing up. In a good way.





The biggest and most important thing that came out of this hobby were my friends. I have not been involved in the Czech Scouts since I moved to the UK, which is 8 years ago, but I have my best friends there. 


The difference between those friendships and any other ones I have are in the way they’ve been formed. In the Scouts, we went through any possible situation together. We learned, we played and we had to go through challenges together. 





In that environment you develop confidence in yourself as an individual who is able to face difficult situations and always figure out a way to get out of them. But also, learn how to be a good team-member. I don’t really recall exactly how it developed but with my best friends even after years, when we get on a task, our team-work is spot on. We naturally divide tasks and without much need for communication, we get things done. 


Scouts in that sense gave me practical life skills.  These are skills they don’t teach you at school, such as how to take care of yourself, basic common sense, and problem-solving. I feel like the approach to every individual no matter what skin colour, abilities, or attitude, it gives them space to level up and become strong individuals. 






After moving to Scotland, Charlie and I decided to join and help the local Scouts. We both did it when growing up and thought that it would be time to give back. It’s so much fun to watch the young kids developing confident personalities and seeing that they are having as much fun as we had. 


When we go to the Czech Republic, we still join Scouts trips when we can.


For me, when I compare the system in both countries, the Health & Safety side of things is very different. Scotland requires a lot more official qualifications for any sort of activity to do with kids. Which, at times, is understandable considering the challenges nature brings. 


On the other hand, with the risk involved in some activities, I believe that the Czech Scouts taught me responsibility. The challenges of hard activities were really what bonded us as a group.







Overall, I believe that my mum’s choice to put me in the Scouts was the best thing she could have done. I would not be the person I am today if I hadn’t spent most of my spare time in the Scouts environment. 


No matter where I am in the world, when I see someone in the Scouts uniform, I feel close to them. I know that we all share the same values and love for friendship and nature, and that is a beautiful thing to share. 



Have you ever been in Scouts? What was your favourite part? 


If you’ve been but not had a good experience, I’d love to hear about that too. It doesn’t always suit everyone, which is okay.


With Love