The Power and Importance of




Do you focus on the things you don’t have in your life or the things you have? Have you heard of a gratitude journal? Today, I want to talk about the power and importance of gratitude practice, my friend.


It’s been just over a year since I started keeping a gratitude journal every day. It’s such a part of my life now that it feels like, I’ve been doing it forever. We’re coming to December and we’ll be reflecting on our year. Approaching it from a grateful point of view will make it much more enjoyable for you, and will put you in the right mindset when you’re getting ready for the next year. 




It can have many forms. Dear friend, don’t let the ‘how?’ discourage you from anything. It’s your choice whether you want to write it down or just think about it. Writing it down helps you process the information better and really gives you the time to soak it in. Plus you can go back to it when you’re feeling low and see all the amazing things to be grateful for. 


In a nutshell, the whole practice is about writing down 5-10 things you are grateful for that day. You can do it in the morning for the day before, or at the end of the day (or any other time that suits you really). 


In the beginning, you will be aiming for the big things in your life like ‘family’, ‘your partner’ and that is normal. Do it, it’s so nice to think about how fortunate we are to have all those in our lives. 


For someone in the world, your life is what they aspire to.


Let it soak in and enjoy it!


What I want you to do in this practice is to think about the little things that happened to you that day. Like the amazing coffee, you had this morning, the smile from a stranger on the street, a puppy playing outside, beautiful weather, a kiss from a loved one, a fun day at work. Anything that happened that day. 


Sometimes, we get so stuck in thinking about what we’ve done wrong and what went wrong. But, that mindset will not get us anywhere. This gratitude practice switches our mindset around to appreciate what we have. There is always someone in the world who is worse off than us.


That is about how this practice works, but my main aim for this post is to tell you how engaging in gratitude practice for over a year changed in my life.


By thinking about the good things every day, I became a lot more present at the moment. More and more often I pause at the moment and really appreciate what’s happening. When I’m with my family, I put my phone away and really soak in the beauty of being with my loved ones, no matter how mundane the moment is. 


I stop at the moment, rather than let it pass by focusing on what’s coming next or zoning out into the social media world. When I’m working, I am grateful for the opportunity to build my dream life, and when I’m off, I am fully present which helps me to get more energy. 


It’s still sometimes hard to be fully present. It’s a process, but after a year of doing this practice, I am finally able to reflect on how much of an impact it has had on my life and on my mindset overall. 


It’s not easy to do at the beginning. You will sometimes sit for a bit and have to force yourself to pick some good things that happened to you that day, but it will become easier, I promise. You will be looking for those things during the day and enjoying them more in the presence. 


If you haven’t done this before, I encourage you to give this a go. At least for 30 days and you’ll see the effect it has on your mindset. It’s so simple and yet so priceless! Trust me. 









Enjoy, my friend!


With Love