Monthly Reflection Post


the challenge is on


November was very much a transition month for Charlie and I. We started off with enjoying time with my family in the Czech Republic and then set off on our next challenge to live in Australia for a year and save up for a house. Let’s do this.





We traveled to Australia and it took a week to sort out everything necessary like getting a SIM card, bank account, and tax number. On one hand, when you travel, you have less boring admin things to do like paying bills, but you have to figure out how certain things are done in the chosen country. You just can’t get away from the boring life admin stuff, ooooh.


A routine was something that I needed to get back. While visiting family my normal routine was thrown off completely and I felt out of control. It has not been easy and it changes quite often because we are doing different jobs and different hours but I try to control at least my mornings as much as I can. 


It’s really important to have some time for myself first thing in the morning to do yoga, write in my gratitude journal, plan my day and progress on the most important project of the moment, my BOOK. When I am unable to do that, the whole day seems to be out of control.





My main focus in November has been my book – Imperfectly Chasing Dreams. I finished the first draft and as I was planning to get it out into the world before Christmas, it was clear that I had to get on with it. Yes, sometimes you just have to make decisions and get ready for the ride. Once you’re in the flow, it gets easier.


I have been learning so much and really enjoying the process of creating a book. Self-publishing a book gives you freedom in having a say in terms of the creative side of it, what goes in it and how it’s going to be delivered to people. 


I cannot wait to get it out. 





I’ve mentioned Seanna before. She’s my coach. Even though we have not had much time to talk in November, she always helps me to get on the right path to achieve my goals. Thank you, Seanna. 


If you don’t have anyone you can talk through your tasks, priorities, and goals with, consider a coach. Having someone who can listen to your worries and setbacks, and can help you figure out a strategic way to achieve your goals is priceless. 





One of my goals for this year is to educate myself about how to manage finances better for my business and my personal life. I bought a few books and started a Money course. I am trying to do little by little every day to gain more knowledge in this area. 


What area of your life and business do you think you lack knowledge in right now? Pop me a message. It’s important to be honest about it and do even just little steps to change it.


We are jumping into the last month of 2019. As the holidays are approaching, I want you to know that you still have time to finish up on some of the goals you’ve had for this year. 


I also want you to take your time and think of everything you are grateful for this year! I mean the tiniest things as well as the big things. Finish your year from a place of joy and appreciation. If you want to read more about a gratitude journal, check it out in this post.  


With Love