Merry Christmas



Be ‘present’ at Christmas! Do you see what I did there with the word ‘present’? Lol. (You’ve got to be able to laugh at your jokes. Otherwise what is life?) Now, with all seriousness, I have one single message for you this Christmas — BE PRESENT!


I, personally, feel like I haven’t had time to turn around and Christmas is here. This year, Christmas has been completely different from what we’re used to. We’re in Australia, it’s summer weather outside, and on top of that, we are in the middle of a cherry season so instead of binge-watching Christmas movies and eating, we’re munching on cherries during our 70-hour workweek. 




It’s easy to get pulled into the stress of getting everyone presents so you can show them ‘how much you love them’. Have you ever stopped and thought about gifting people your time? All the commercial material things are flashing at us on every corner, social media, and TV and we instantly think that we need to impress those around us.


The truth is, material stuff doesn’t give you memories with those you love. You don’t remember the moments when you got a new iPhone from your grandma. You remember the moments when you sat at a dinner table with your family and someone said a stupid joke. The whole family was still laughing half an hour later. Not because the joke was so good but because it was so bad.


I bet everyone has had one of those moments in their lives, right?




I encourage you this Christmas to really pause when you’re spending time with your family and friends, and really soak in the moment! 


Notice the laugh, the gratitude, the present moment that will pass and never repeat again!


The best present you can give to your loved ones is to give them all your attention. To be really intentional with being present when you’re with them. Your Instagram friends will be ok if you don’t like their photo or don’t keep up with their latest updates. 


I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope you enjoy it the best way and spend it with the people that make you happy.


With Love