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They are everywhere. I don’t think I’ve eaten more cherries in my life than in the last few weeks. Haha. Still like them though. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post blog posts regularly. Apart from launching a book, we have been working on a cherry farm. Like all the time.





Cherry season is usually about 3-5 weeks in summer. Here in Australia, it means that it’s in the middle of the summer holiday and runs through Christmas. 


It started slowly and then our working week went from about 35 hrs/week to 70 hrs/week. It definitely showed up on our energy. It’s quite physical work. Lifting things, moving boxes around, leaning over when packing the cherries and being outside all the time. Although the weather has been good for us and it’s not been so extreme.


Tip: Even though this had to be compromised a few times, the most intentional I’m trying to be about is my health at this busy season. Nothing hard or crazy, simply just making sure to drink enough water, to eat decent food and enough, and to sleep enough. I also do yoga in the morning as the first thing to stretch after all the physical work. I feel like without that I would not be able to function. Whether it’s the lifting or sleeping funny, I tend to wake up stiff.





This is our first time picking cherries. I find it exciting to learn about cherries. There are different varieties that come from different parts of the world and have a different character to them. All tasty though.


I also love meeting new people. There are some great characters here in Australia. Like our boss Michael. I love having conversations with people and seeing how they view the world and life. 


You can learn so much by just listening to someone having a completely different opinion to yours.


If nothing, you can learn how different environment you grow up in has a big effect on the person you become.





Farm jobs are not the easiest. There is a reason why people have to do them for 88 days to be able to apply for a second-year visa here in Australia. Even though we cannot get the second year visa due to Charlie’s age so we are not required to do the compulsory farm work, we choose to do it.


We’ll do our best to try to avoid hospitality work in the city for many reasons. Working outside and doing something we’ve never done is much more appealing than getting stuck in the same circle we had back in London.


As we’ve started working at the farm before the cherry season started, we were there right from the beginning. We’ve become what you would normally call supervisors without intending too. It means that we’re able to earn a little bit of extra money. And that makes it all more bearable. 


The cherry season will probably finish in about 2 or 3 weeks and we’re slowly starting to figure out what next. Do we stay in this area a little longer or move on? Place your bets. And send us some amazing opportunities this way. Thank you.


Have you been to Australia before? If yes, what did you do here? Holiday, work? If you haven’t been, what do you find appealing about Australia?


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