Reflection on 2019


looking back to move forward


What are you proud of in 2019? What are the things you want to remember from this year? We are constantly looking for what’s next and many times forget to look back and pat ourselves on our back for what we’ve done. Those things can be big or small. I don’t know about you, but I seem to even forget what I did last week. 


I personally don’t hang onto waiting to reflect until the end of the year. A short look back every week and every month is a nice reminder of how far I’ve come. I also try to reflect after a certain period, for example, one year as self-employed. 


If you haven’t done it yet, I encourage you to sit down for 20 mins and try to remember everything you’ve done in 2019. The bad experiences and what you learned from it and all the achievements. Write everything from the smallest things like reading a book to the big ones. I can promise you that you will feel great seeing it all.




Here is my list of some things I’m proud that happened in 2019:
  • Eating less sugar
  • Learning new recipes
  • Reading personal development books 
  • Cycling across the UK in April 
  • Connecting with so many inspiring people on social media
  • Trying new things for the first time – ice-climbing, climbing, winter walking, cold showers
  • Going to Tony Robbins personal growth conference 
  • Purchasing Knowledge Business Blueprint online course and launching a Mastermind
  • Running a marathon
  • Writing and publishing my own book
  • Making the decision to go to Australia (and going)


Looking at what you’ve done last year, where do you want to go next? Look at all the things that worked and didn’t work. Everything that made you feel happy and fulfilled and plan to do more of it. Grab your bucket list and see what you really want to make happen in 2020! 


The sky is your limit. Write it all down and put it somewhere where you can see it. Look at it every day and remind yourself of the life you’ve dreamt for yourself in 2020. You can even make a vision board. It’s entirely up to you how you want to do it. 


My message to you today is to not just pass time and hope things will happen. ‘Where focus goes, energy flows.’ (-Tony Robbins). If you focus on the negative things rather than what you can learn from it, you will stay where you are. 


Some examples of mines are:
  • Saving up in Australia to buy a house in Scotland
  • Educating myself financially
  • Selling 1000 copies of Imperfectly Chasing Dreams Ebook
  • Diving in Barrier Reef
  • Building a community of people imperfectly chasing dreams on social media
  • Generating passive income for my business


I hope you have the best year in 2020. Remember that it is your responsibility to make it either a good or bad year. 


I’d love you to drop me a message on Instagram @makeityouradventure and let me know your reflections from 2019 and plans for 2020. 


With Love