Turning Something Negative into an Adventure


I have cycled from Scotland to London in April 2019! The plan was 550 miles in 5 days. Why? I booked a conference in London but because my plan with earning enough money as self-employed by the conference did not work out the way I had hoped, I decided to turn something negative into a positive thing. No money for transport = perfect opportunity to set myself a challenge right? It was an adventure. I had cycled a total of 365 miles, met a lot of kind people, got a help from many people and I proved to myself that even when I get to a hard situation I am resourceful enough to get myself out of it.


How an idea becomes a plan

I have decided that I am going to cycle from Scotland to London. ‘Are you crazy?’ I hear you say. Let me tell you where this idea became a result of turning something negative into a positive thing....