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Have you ever doubted yourself whether you are good enough to dream big, to start your own business or to be in a relationship with someone?

 It’s sad that the majority of us answers ‘yes’ to this quesition. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Our lives are spinning in the middle of the shoulds and shoud nots, expectations and demands from others on daily basis. Through my blog and masterminds, I will to teach you how to change that.

For me, the change happened when I was so unhappy. I was so desperate for change and finally started looking at others, who created a fulfilling life out of their passion, as an inspiration instead of someone to be jealous of. I’ve studied what they were thinking and doing differently. Personal development books, podcasts, blogs and videos are constantly teaching me the habits and thinking to live better life. This blog is my contribution to help you to do the first step to become the best version of yourself and take control to live the life you desire. I HOPE YOU ENJOY READING IT.

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I absolutely fell in love with cycling. The freedom of being able to go anywhere fairly easily and quickly. Quicker than the train, bus or any public transport....


I am grateful for living in the UK for over 7 years. Adopting an English mentality and perhaps the flow of foreigners has taught me that possibilities for what my life can look like are endless. Becoming a British citizen does not mean that I am giving up my identity of being Czech. I am hoping to take the best of both and combine it to be a better person no matter where I live....


I Follow The Road Less Travelled. Am I weird? How often do we let someone else to dictate what our day looks like? We are influenced by everything around us every day, even more now in a digital and social media world and that makes it so easy to fall into this habit of compromising your identity to feel included. It does not have to be that way though. You get to choose, what your life looks like!...


It’s already November and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. It's time for a monthly reflection....


Be happy it happened. How I changed my perspective on good things coming to an end. “You can define yourself by the vision of the future or a memory of the past.”  - Dr Joe Dispenza...


October is here; summer is definitely over. Everything is changing around us so let’s take that as an opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished in September or not. And, let’s set some new goals....