Did you think you’d never be able to design your


Brand Identity that looks professional?

You, absolutely can! Let me show you how.


Your dream business logo doesn’t have to be perfect and your brand identity can be changed or updated anytime. People need what you have to offer my friend! All you need to do is to get your gifts out in the world and keep refining along the way. 


Learn how to design your brand identity with the professional guidance in just 5 days!

I’m ready to get started.

Hey, I’m Veronika.

Graphic Designer, Adventurer, and Entrepreneur.


I’ve helped many people to get started with designing and gaining the confidence to be the graphic designer in their own business. Whether they wanted to do it because they enjoy being creative, or because they didn’t have the budget for someone to do it for them.


I have over 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, and I am simplifying the whole process for you in this mini-course. Imperfect action is what will make your dreams come true.


This course has been created for you to take action, and have a brand identity design in the form of a brand style sheet by the end of it.

Are you ready to get your business out there?

Let’s get started!

What it’s all about

Designing doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many free online resources like Canva and Unsplash, you will be able to design like a pro. Plus I’ll be here holding your hand and giving you just enough encouragement and guidance along the way.


Each training video is under 10 minutes. Then you’ll do the work and have a brand identity designed by the end of day 5. We’re designing in Canva.


I’m so excited to see your brand come alive!

Oh yes. Sign me up!

DAY ONE: Brand Identity & Name

How brand identity will help you with designing beautiful visuals and creating a design consistency across all your platforms?


And we’ll come up with a name for your business.


Time to make it real!

I am in!


Do you have something for people to recognise you with? On day 2, you’ll learn:


  • What types of logos there are
  • How to design your own logo
  • What role your logo plays in all your designs
I need this!

DAY THREE: Colours

Pick your brand colours. 


  • How to pick the right amount of colours
  • How colour psychology can work in your favour
  • What you need to know about colours
Let's have fun. I am in!


Choose your fonts.


  • How many fonts you need 
  • How to make them work together
Let's do it!

DAY FIVE: Images

It’s time to put it all together.


  • Determine the style of images you want to use for your brand
  • Bring all the brand elements you created into a brand style sheet in Canva
Count me in!


I’ve struggled to put a brand kit together before in the past for my products and have found the encouragement from your community and the detailed personal feedback you’ve given me absolutely invaluable.

Jeff Mesina

I loved working with you. Your advice was spot on, very helpful, and delivered in a very kind and gentle way that made it easy to assimilate it as “constructive criticism”. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Brian Stephayn

Excellent starter course for any entrepreneur – Veronika has much more to teach us!


For only £35, you’ll get:

5 days to Design Your Brand Identity Course

By the end of it, you will have your dream business brand identity designed and ready to go!

This is for you if:

  • You want to finally put your dream business out there.
  • You want to design your own identity with a simplified process and guidance.
  • You want to create design consistency across all your platforms.
  • You want to give your business a new coat.
  • You’re ready to do the work and make your business come alive.
Yes, I'm ready!

Total value over £450!

You get it for only £35


(Yep, that’s right)

What do you get:


  • 5 daily training videos to help you design each element (£299)
  • Workbook to help you with the exercises each day and more (£29)
  • 3 exclusive templates for brand style sheet (£87)
  • Facebook community of others taking the course to get support and feedback (£worthallthemoney)
  • BONUS: 10 colour palettes ideas that you can steal and use for your own business (£39)
I want this course!

“For me, it was pitch-perfect. It was just the right amount of challenge for each day that it stretched me out of my comfort zone but was still attainable with focus and hard work.”


– Jeff Mesina


Is this really just £35?

Yep. I know that entrepreneurs and starting businesses don’t have big, or often budgets for Graphic Designer. I really wanted to create something that will help people to get started and make their business come alive.


Am I really going to be able to design my own brand identity? I’ve never done any design. 

Absolutely, I believe that anyone can do it. There are plenty of people who have never done any designing and created a beautiful logo. I am here to give you feedback and guidance through the process. Imperfect action is the way to go. You can always tweak later.


Are you covering how to find your ideal client and niche? 

No, this is only design-focused. Once you find your ideal client and your niche, this is a perfect course for you to make it come alive and put yourself (your business) out there.


How long is this course going to take me to complete?

There are 5 training videos, less than 10 mins each. The course is designed to take you up to 1 hour a day for 5 days. If you’d like to do it faster, you can watch the videos in under an hour and if you really jump into it, you can do all the work in 2-3 hours. 


When I design my brand identity, what do I do next?

Putting together a brand identity will set the foundation for all your designs. Once you take those elements and apply them to everything you create, you will create design consistency in your business.


What is your refund policy?

The training videos have been created for you to take action. I am confident that you can design a beautiful brand identity if you do the work. I understand that investments can be risky, I offer you a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the course.


I would like some more support, what else do you offer?

Don’t you worry, I’m not leaving you in it alone. I have some additional support for you. If you haven’t already, join our tribe on Facebook at DIY Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs Facebook Group
And you can get:

For any other inquiries, contact me on veronika.cesalova@gmail.com and we’ll figure out a personal way to get you where you want to get.

I am ready!


Individuals who have never done designing were able to create an amazing brand identity. I am confident that you can design one too if you do the work. I understand that investments can be risky, I offer you a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the course.

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