Social Media Templates course



WHAT: 5-day mini-course where you’ll learn to take your brand identity and use it to create 3 templates in Canva for your chosen online platforms (and the system to create many more). Creating your regular content and design consistency is about to get easy!

WHERE: Private Facebook Group.

THE DETAILS: There will be 5 short training videos (15 mins max) with a task to complete each day. By the end of the 5 days, you will have 3 templates ready to go and a process to create more. We are creating in Canva. I will be there to support you and give you feedback along the way.

Course breakdown:
Day 1 – How to take your brand identity elements and use them in designing?
Day 2 – Choosing platforms, style, and info
Day 3 – Canva templates
Day 4 – Moulding Canva templates into your own
Day 5 – Useful tips for designing in Canva

BONUS: Course checklist

*For a successful social media templates we recommend to have a brand identity already, or completing the Design Your Brand Identity mini-course that will teach you how to design your own logo, pick brand colours, fonts, and a style of images.

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